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Los Angeles CA




My name is Cameron Miller, I am a animator driven by a passion for storytelling through animation. Based in Los Angeles, California, I have nurtured my creativity since middle school, fueling my desire to pursue a career in this dynamic field.

Education and Professional Journey:

During my highschool years, I discovered Gnomon, a prestigious institution known for nurturing artistic talent. At Gnomon, I immersed myself in animation, refining my skills and exploring the art of bringing characters to life. I developed a particular interest in animating dialogue scenes, as they allow me to forge emotional connections with audiences.

Creative Vision and Aspirations:

My goal as an animator is to create work that deeply resonates with viewers. I believe animation has the power to inspire, entertain, and evoke profound emotions. Through storytelling, I aim to touch hearts, eliciting love, laughter, and tears. I am driven to positively impact and enrich the lives of audiences of all ages.

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